Gems Cheats Candy Blast Mania for iPhone

In candy blast mania teamlava game, you will face a board with candies in which you have to match up three or more of them so that they will get cleared automatically

candy blast mania tips

When doing your action, you will be given 5 lives which refill at a rate of one per hour.
Moreover, if you clear the whole board with moves left, you will be taken to Candy Craze as this will earn you extra points
And those points will also your stars ranging from 1 to 3 stars.

Every time you clear the candies, you will get extra bonus including gems at the end of each stage
Having more gems means having more money so that you simply watch out for promotional offers that often pop up along the game.

One thing, signing in to Facebook to play this game will earn you an additional 40 gems that you can use to purchase more power-ups and boosters as well.

The first shot will double the point value for the wanted candy on each level.
Therefore, if you activate this with a nearby match of three or more you will see the value increase for a single turn on these candies.

The second shot will eliminate all similarly-colored candies from a play field, based on the match-three you are lining up.
So if you eliminate a row of orange ones, you can get all the remaining orange candies disappeared from the stage until they start piling in again with those that drop in that you will get these with match-four or more.

As a result, you will have the row eliminators glowing in a wild green color.
Then activating a three-or-more match on these will get the vertical and horizontal rows disappeared so that you will get credit for all the candies that you clear in the match.
In line with this, try to earn these with a match-five or more.

When coming to boss battles, just concentrate on what candies you need to match up and get them as quickly as possible.
The Gummi Bear King will flood your board with jawbreakers, so get to work with them and keep making key matches in each round.

Having candy power-ups will give you a tool to clear out candies in row easily
The Candy Wand power up will be good at eliminating solo pieces
And, the Sugar Blast will do in favor of mixing things up in that it destroys a whole row of candies and does significant damage to jawbreakers.

Except power ups, you can also have boosters to help you accomplish objectives
In addition, you can get those boosters by fulfilling objectives or clearing levels or you can buy them via iap store.

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