How to Get Cards Deck Resources for Agricola iPhone

In agricola game, you are tasked with a goal that is to gather resources types from your farm, such as animal, crops and any other things that you can use to expand your farm and to build upgrades to the farmyard or even to new family members.

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So try completing the objective that is to expand the hut and farm so that you need to collect materials, harvest crops, construct buildings and raise animals then feed family every harvest time.

The game consists of six stages, which are divided into 14 rounds offering you to perform some actions like moves, in which you drag a family member to ideal locations in the town in order to perform tasks like gathering resources or making improvements on the farm.

In this game, a round will end when all family members have been assigned with work.
Meanwhile, you have to collect resources to build extra rooms, expand your farm and make improvements. By having more rooms, you can raise more children to complete more jobs, but you will also need more food to support a larger family.

In order to be the winner in each mode, you have to try to get some points in the most productive and advanced farm at the end of all 14 rounds.
Once making progresses, you will have more and more options in that you can learn to predict the happening of certain events.
On the other side, you will have enough supply of food and do the right thing at the right time to win the game.

There will be four game modes available to play online or offline, single or multiplayer, against AI or real life friends.
When playing in each mode, you must use of skill and strategy in order to ensure that you can both keep your family fed and create as profitable a farm as possible by the end of the game.

Thus make sure to do the right action along the game as the other players are also attempting to do the same thing, and their efforts will often get in the way of your best-laid plans.

In addition, this game will include the ability to play in four different ways namely the simplified Family Game, the Basic Game, the Solo Play variant and the Solo Series variant

In the simplified Family Game, it removes the Occupation and Minor Improvement cards from the game
Meanwhile, the Basic Game will include the cards and add a great deal more variety and strategy

Playing in the Solo Play variant will come to a few twists on the normal rules
And the Solo Series variant will give you some challenges to complete a series of solo games and to gain increasingly-challenging point targets.

Just use a drag and drop method to claim and use all spaces on the board as well as cook up animals, build fences and collect everything represented across the bottom of your screen via a row of icons.

In the way of collecting resources or taking actions to improve your farm, you simply place a family member token on a location in town so that they will help you build materials such as Wood and Clay, plow fields and sow crops, or build fences to keep animals.

And at the start each round, you have to do some action to get your resources replenished on any taken in the previous round.
Moreover, you must feed and grow your family with the crops you harvest and newborn animals arrive in your farm.

By doing all of works, you will be granted with victory points for the number of fields and pastures you have, as well as for crops and animals.
In addition, additional points will be given for extension and renovation of the family’s home, for the number of family members, and for played Occupation and Improvement cards.

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