How to Earn More Garnets in Cast and Conquer iPhone

In cast & conquer game, you can create a new deck building card game with over 1000 gorgeously illustrated unique cards where you and your opponent are sending out troops to attack each other, as well as trying to get to the player character that is the tower

cast & conquer tips

Along the game, you will be assigned to destroy all of your opponents’ cards or the player character being the winner.
Besides, you must grind experience for your hero but it will run out all of your stamina extremely quickly when doing so.

In order to grind for instant experience, you should go to any of the old stages that you have already beaten, then hit “blitz” and blitz as much as you can to finish the battles instantly.
Doing so will level up your heroes very quickly.

Moreover, you will also earn loads of silver, that you can use to purchase new card packs.
On the other side, you will also earn so many different cards of highly differing rarities and make sure to use them in auto set of your team.
During in the arena, you auto-set your defense team every time you get new cards as well, so that you will fully defended with those best cards.

Garnets are the premium currency of this game, and you will get at least 100 garnet
In line with this, you can send your miners out to get you even more of them for free.

Alongside, these miners will always come back with more garnets than you paid them, so you simply go to the activities button and hire as many miners as possible.
If you can hire them for more, you will earn more garnets as a rewards.

Meanwhile, you will able to get those activation codes for free by checking the Cast and Conquer Facebook and Twitter accounts
Because of this, yo will earn goodies such as garnets, rare cards that you can use in battle, new equipment for your main player character, and sapphires.
So be on the lookout for any activation codes that you can find there.

Anyway, when you run out of ActiviPoints in the Arena and Stamina in the Single Player modes, you can just check out the team battle.
If there are no available rooms, you can create your own whereby this is a good shot for bonuses and equipment as well
In addition, by playing and logging in the game daily, you can get larger Bonus Packs and also obtain free cards

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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