Money Coins Cheats Catch The Ark iPad

In catch the ark game, you will play as three adorable creatures Titan, Boon, and Zuzu that will have to survive the jungle armed with just a raft
The, you will have a journey when the flood came and have to survive from outrageous hazards, hungry enemies, and even grumpy old Noah.

Catch The Ark

Meanwhile you have to save two of every animal, but deciding that he can probably do without a trio of particularly outlandish beasts, and leaves them behind to face the full wrath of the flood.
fishes, and Noah’s explosive barrels to out run the tidal wave behind you and catch the ark.

Every player should survive in this lush jungle with beautiful rolling waters and a great collection of animated obstacles, from squid arms that rise ominously up from the surface to snapping alligators that race back and forth across the width of the screen.

Just take in Catch the Ark’s stunning scenery, wild water and jungle packed with everything from monkeys to dinosaurs.
In addition keep an eye on your raft-bound trio to see some hilarious reactions and rich animations.

You have to try harder completing mission by mission while collecting shiny coins to be spent in the in-game store on power-ups such as the Pterodactyl and new boats including the Hovercraft and Rubber Ducky.

By completing full mission you will also get ranks as well
During playing this game you will not be vying to race to catch up with Noah who occasionally takes delight in dropping explosive barrels into the sea ahead, but you will also collect coins whenever you can grab them without endangering your friends.

Use these coins to pick up various upgrades in the cash store.
Simply select the Pterodactyl before starting an attempt in order to get a head-start up the river
While parachutes can be called in to return a lost crew-member to the craft you can even invest in new boats

However if you are tired of grinding out new equipment altogether you can always work towards some of the many mission goals to get a nice reward of currency in this game.
Simply challenge your friends through Facebook then climb the leaderboards to show your points

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