How to Get Magic Potions in Celtic Tribes iPhone

In celtic tribes game, you will play as the chief of a Celtic village, where you must lead your troops into battle against other players and their troops so that you can take their resources and even take their villages.

Celtic Tribes

When playing this game for the first time you will start with a beginner protection but it runs out after two weeks so that you can attack and also be attacked.

Of course, though, before your beginner protections run out, you should make absolutely sure to upgrade your palisade as much as you can, as doing so is the most basic way to defend your village against attackers.

Your troops will also defend when they are at your village, but if you get attacked while your troops are out on a mission, then your palisade will be your only defense.

To collect resources you have to train troops firstly then start off attacking free villages in order to farm for some easy resources
You can also start attacking abandoned villages around your area from people who have deleted the app.

Your number grade on the map will be indicated by how many levels all of your buildings are added together.

When your buildings are all level 1 you will have total grade 13, but if you upgrade one building, your rating will increase to 14.
So you can spy on people with high number ratings to decide whether to beat them or otherwise.

Try to get resources by raiding other villages, while artificially holding back your woodcutter’s lodge, clay pit and ore mine for your resources
Afterward you can hold more resources with upgrading your wood, clay and ore stores.

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