Diamonds Cheats in Chaos Fighters iPhone

Diamonds in chaos fighters game are the primary currency where you may have to find and open the newbie prize pack as quickly as possible for 50 free diamonds or gems.

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Moreover, you can open the popping up newbie packages which correspond to a gain in experience levels whereby this circumstance will earn you even bigger diamond as your rewards.

On the other side, you can complete the various given sidequests such as defeating the wolf 20 times that will earn you free diamonds as well.
For having more rewards, you can visit the Fortune Cat to see what kind of limited-time rewards because you often get diamonds for free by looking hard enough and finding new rewards.

Except the Fortune Cat, you can collect your weekly prizes in the arena and collect your reputation prizes then open them in your backpack area.
Just log in this game daily to collect your bonuses from the Fortune Cat area.

Meanwhile, participating in the “bug hunt” in the official forum will take you to find bugs and glitches that will earn you some diamonds as a bonus.
Besides, taking part in other limited-edition event will also earn you diamonds as a reward.

Collecting all of the newbie prize packs and arena bonuses will earn you gold.
Then, you can use the “sweep” function to blow out all of your energy and earn a bunch of gold.

Plus, you can use the instant item-selling feature to enhance your gold earnings while using the Midas Touch will exchange diamonds for gold.
Sometimes when you gain experience levels, you will be able to unlock the other special features such as the Meditation Rock that you can use to earn extra gold.

And when you are at level 45 in this game, you can unlock the Treasure Digging system, where you can “dig” for gold, as well as other bonus stuff.

Also try making bets in the World Tournament and try winning your bets for gathering gold.
Furthermore, participating in limited time events will also earn you more gold as well.

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