Where is Checkpoint Harboring A Criminal in Lego Batman 2

This tips is for Harboring a Criminal in Lego Batman 2 that is featuring the Joker and Robin.
Citizen in Peril:
The guy at the far right side of the parking lot being picked-on by two thugs.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Objective is to Destroy 5 paintings:
Painting just right of Robins Helicopter
Painting In front of the theatres entrance
Painting o on the left of the theater at the street corner
Painting left side on sidewalk
Using Lego bits build the award side on right side of theater then use Magnet Suit to destroy painting.

Free Play
Gold spotlight near Robins Helicopter destroy it.
Left side of theatre destroy award poster by using the Power Suits bombs.
Left side of theatre, near the award poster:
Destroy the spotlight

Use bricks to build a bike
Ride bike on Stud Trail to the minikit.

2nd level from bottom
At bottom of latter
Left side of theatre
Its hiding behind the spiral tower
Right side of theatre at the top behind the spiral tower: Its hiding.

Checkpoint -Joker Chase
When in checking reached shoot two roller coaster cars

Checkpoint Joker Fight
Destroy 4 cars:
Back left corner
Back right corner
Front left corner
By the flatbed truck

Go-kart front/left:Drive it.

Free Play
Purple Cannon give the Joker some damage
Create a ramp on the back of the flatbed truck
Bulldozer tires: destroy gold clamps
Park dozer on back of flatbed truck
Note: you need to raise blade.

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