Cheezburgers Epic Meal Cheats in Hackycat iPhone

In hackycat game, you must show your superkick to get cheezburgers and high score
Therefore, you can repeatedly kick the cute cats to keep them in the air to get points score and cheezburgers.

game Hackycat

By collecting more cheezburgers you can unlock new cats, athletes and locations then select your athlete and join the official Hackycat competition
Simply tap cats to bounce them in the air but not to let any cat hit the ground as it will be game over.

You will just tap cat to kick, knee or headbutt to launch cats into space with the almighty Superkick to earn more cheezburgers.
Afterward use powerups and combos to achieve epic high scores among others

Just press the desired animal, whereupon which the “athlete” automatically teleports to that exact location and delivers the kick.
Strike the cat in its tail and butt to send it right or left for earning cheeseburgers appearing temporarily on the screen.
You can grab these virtual treats to show an all-powerful Superkick that will deliver the unlucky cat into orbit.

Get pro skills by using powerups, combos and superkicks to achieve epic high scores
Complete dozens of mini-goals then level up your athlete and show achievements and leaderboards
Collect more awesome power-ups rainbows that are a godsend and lighthearted presentation.

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