Chemical Crisis Answers in Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

This tips is for LEGO Batman 2 featuring Superman’s first appearence as Batman and Robin clean up Joker’s mess.

Citizen in Peril
A Gotham citizen is trapped in a fiery room near the start of the area where Superman shows up.
Use the Bat Suit to destroy the glass to the right of the room then chuck a Batarang to turn all three valves at once.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Free Play
Keep on flying up and away to destroy the gold plate on a ceiling pipe when in the first area.

Free Play
Fly up the little alcove to the right which is in the first chemical dispenser.

Use Lexs Deconstructor on the area around the Orange Handle to the left of the Magnet Suit Pad.
Then pull the Orange Handle by building with the resulting bricks firstly.
Use the Power Suit to destroy the laser barrier which is on the left of the fourth chemical dispenser.

Checkpoint After the Explosion
Free Play
Destroy 3 presents.
Use Lexs Deconstructor on the wall in the alcove right next to the Acrobat Suit Pad.
Use the Electricity Suit on the third hatch near the Power Suit Pad.
Power the console by the large computer screen you use to shut off the cold valves then use the Ball Socket to click the new icon.

Free Play
Use Green Lanterns power on the green goo vat to destroy the gold object which is on the right of the flaming Joker face.

Checkpoint Superman Joins the Party
Free Play
Open the large shutter in the floor with magnet power.
Now stomp on the colored valves to guide the ball to its goal.
Stomp the yellow valve to get it out of the maze then punch it.

Put out 5 LEGO fires
On the left, right where you start the area with Superman.
On the catwalk near the Hazard and Power Suit Pads
Go near the 3 pools and the fiery room where the Citizen in Peril is trapped.
You have to cut a gold LEGO shape out which is onthe catwalk to the right of the first water tower.
Go to the right of the elevator that exits this area.

Free Play
Get the Flower Bed used by Poison Ivy to pass the large electrical barrier.

Checkpoint Up on the Roof
Destroy 5 gold boxes on the roof

On the roof to the left of the Ace sign
Also on the roof to the left of the Ace sign
Fly straight up to high above the roof to the left of the Ace sign.
On the roof to the right of the Ace sign
Also on the roof to the right of the Ace sign

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