Coins Cheats in Pocket Climber iPhone

In pocket climber game, you can select from an array of the game items to increase character skill and appearance during climbing.
Then, you will have to guide him in the right direction as your character never stops moving when climbing and avoiding obstacle in ever stage.

Pocket Climber on iPhone

Just test your climbing skills and make your way pass through a variety of challenging obstacles.
Try to climb as high as you can, and collect enough money to keep upgrading items in the store
Note that the obstacles will not always in the same place so make sure you are climbing in the right direction.

Always stay alert as the obstacles are on the way even some people will randomly open some windows and throw things at you when climbing on the wall. Besides there will be certain windows that you can not climb, so you will have to find another way to climb.

Collect coins while climbing on the wall so that you can use them in the store for upgrades including the jumbo coins value and climbing helmets.
After getting coins just do some upgrades in the store such as increasing the jumbo coins value and climbing helmets, which will give you extra protection, magnets, and jet packs.

Try to unlock some utilities including head starts, boosters, and an extra character. The single use utilities will be so expensive, simply focus on unlocking the rest of the power ups first.

Always be alert as the buildings you are climbing will change a couple of times, and once you die, you get an option of starting from the beginning or you can start from where you died last.
But if you choose to restart from where you left off, then you will have to pay a certain amount of money depending on how far you climbed.

In this game you will also discover movable platforms that can hit you, so the more difficulty you play the more progress you will have and you will even find King Kong in the game
Try to move your bold character but do not use your fingers to run of swipe and slide during climbing the wall and collecting the coins

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