Food Coins Cheats City Cat for iPhone

City Cat is a new runner game, where you will start a random cat trying to make a run through the big city, collecting coins and all kinds of food items along the way.

city cat tips

In the way of your run, you will be equipped with some power ups, like the flying cat and hulk cat power ups, which will help you run along the way
Meanwhile, your goal is to go as far as possible, by any means possible while overcoming obstacles at the right time

Throughout the game, you will also concentrate on simply jumping clear off the stage while avoiding an obstacle and collecting coins or food items.
For such reasons, you will have to focus on your distance, and on timing your jumps so that you will not fall and will not hit obstacles.

In order to get farther into a stage, you can use the propellor cat power up, the hulk cat power up and the flying cat power up while running along the way.

The propellor cat will make you invincible and fly at a high speed
The hulk cat will get you immunized to any dangerous objects
The flying cat will allow you to fly at a slow speed

Moreover, you will find a flying power up almost immediately after you find a hulk power up then followed by propellor power ups appearing completely at random.

All of those food items that you can collect will give you an advantage for coins.
To see all of the various food collections that you can acquire, just hit the trophy button in the main menu area.

Once filling them up, you can sell them for 200 or more coins apiece.
Every time you sell a collection, you will earn a star on it

For doing so, you will have to get more of the food item in order to finish the next version of the collection
In addition, the amount of coins that it can be sold will increase as well.
Once collecting a lot of coins, you can save them for having the magnet and the extra lives.

The magnet will enable magnet drops in the stage so that it will automatically draw all coins to you
And the extra lives will revive you after you die in the game.

So upgrade the magnet more often, to last it any longer.
If you upgrade extra lives you will have more times and the more lives per stage along the game.

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