How to Earn More Gold Cash City Island 2 iPhone

In city island 2 game, all you will do is to build your city up as big as you can, while earning coins and cash as much as possible so that your city will be the biggest and richest around.

city island 2 tips

In this game, anything you will do will take a time to complete
However, you can complete the buildings instantly without having to spend anything to speed them up.

For such reasons, all you will have to do is simply to go to the date and time settings on your iPhone, then set the time ahead by the amount of time needed to complete the building.
Afterward, you can go back to the game and it will be complete.

Once doing so successfully, you can go to the date and time settings again and set the time back to normal as it is.
Now, you can go back to the game, and you will see the buildings that you just completed will still be there which you can use as you want.

Along the game, you will need to have roads next to your buildings in order for them to be useful, but the roads do not have to be connected together.
Therefore, you have to maximize your space utilization by building only one single road and placing as many buildings around it as possible.
You can start going for walkways and canals, as they will activate any building that they touch.

On the other side, you can also expand towards the rare buildings that you see on the map.
At this point, you can try to expand toward a hydroelectric station and you will be able to activate it once you reach it, in order to give your buildings more power.
Later on, you can expand toward the trade center and the currency exchange center, so that you will be able to convert your cash into gold.

In order to earn free gold in this game, you can also try to use methods other than the currency exchange building.
According to this, you can simply to the in game store menu, or go to the “free gold” menu right when you begin playing this game.

After doing what you need, you will be guided to get to the free gold menu
There, you will see a wall of offers from Tapjoy that you can use to earn free gold.
Moreover, most of the offers will be free to complete in instant time.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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