Long Distant Points Cheats Club Penguin Sled Racer on iPhone

In club penguin sled racer disney game, you will merely run as far as you can for high score
This game is an endless runner that lets you take on steep slopes in a fast-paced, high-octane downhill race
Along the game, you will have to dodge all of those treacherous mountain obstacles as well as performing high jumping for score.

Club Penguin Sled Racer Tips

In the way to do your jump, you can tap both turn sides of the screen to do so
This small jump will be good at clearing the aforementioned logs and jumping right when you go off a ramp gives you an extra boost.

During your run, try to hit the ice boosts to go fast and become unstoppable along the way
Whenever you hit an ice boost, you will notice that you are engulfed with a light blue aura.
Getting aura around your penguin, you are completely invincible so that you will be able to phase right through obstacles on the path
Meanwhile, you can take advantage of this by hitting as many ice boosts as you can, and if you come up to a dangerous section, just power on through.

Later on, you will be provided with occasional ramps littered throughout you path.
In line with this, you can try to hit these ramps at a fast speed, so that you will zoom into the air and fly over a ton of things

Doing so will be useful for clearing potentially hazardous sections of the path, so make sure to maintain good speed and remember to jump at the last moment when you go off the ramps.

Rocks will be the most common obstacles that you will see on your run.
In order to avoid them, just slide around them and you will be fine to go.

Always be careful though, as sometimes they like to come right after one another on the opposite side of the previous one, so try to do some sliding back and forth.

On the other side, these peculiar cacti are in a strange place, in that they are pretty easy to avoid.
And they always show up right in the middle of the path and they do not move at all, so just swerve around them for an easy dodge.

Furthermore, a common obstacle you will see are logs as they will be lying on the ground so just jump over these ones to avoid them.
Sometimes they will also be propped up together, so just maneuver through them, or above them if they are on the ground, and be sure to watch for any further logs.

Balloon Anvils will be the next enemies that you will usually see in a pack of at least two, whereby these deadly contraptions take up a lot of vertical space
And, these might conk you when you are coming down from a good jump if you are not careful.
Always stay alert of these and slide around them

Crazy Critters are the goofy yellow mole which do not seem particularly dangerous
But, watch out as they have got pretty sharp teeth and they wait until you are close to them to pop out.

For such reasons, always move around and do not stay still once you see the first one come out, in which sometimes they come out right in front of you
Playing this game is all about your own control, so keep practicing to get it more fun

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