Clues to Answer Questions in The Unbeatable 2 iOS

MTara Apps has delivered a unique puzzle game or IQ test game to the iOS and Android platforms.
In this game, you will meet more intensive and exhausting questions to answer
You will move on when you have the right answer for the given questions in each level

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Level 1 Solutions: Tap quickly in the sentence.
Level 2 Solutions: Tap the letter A within the triangle, in the lower left point.
Level 3 Solutions: Dayrate is the inverse of nitrate.

Level 4 Solutions: Drag the squares in the bottom column into the top line so they frame one unbroken rectangle.
Level 5 Solutions: The answer is 5 openings in the basin.
Level 6 Solutions: To change Centimeters to Meters, swipe over the word Centi until its deleted.

Level 7 Solutions: To tap the circle two times, tap “circle” and afterward tap the circle itself.
Level 8 Solutions: Tap the littlest number, which is 8 in the Trials box.
Level 9 Solutions: Use two thumbs to part the mists separated to stop the downpour.
Level 10 Solutions: To clean the floor, move and customize the wads of paper and the inquiry into the garbage canister.

Level 11 Solutions: Tap the most noteworthy number on the screen, and the one beneath that, then the one underneath that and so on.
The most noteworthy physically, not the greatest number.
So 91 will be first.

Level 12 Solutions: All three of them have a cerebrum so tap on every one of them three in the meantime.
Level 13 Solutions: Tap check. All the lines are straight as of now.
Level 14 Solutions: To demonstrate that the line is unidirectional, eradicate uni by swiping on it.

Level 15 Solutions: Split the dabbed triangle separated with your thumbs to fit the articles.
Level 16 Solutions: To frame the littlest number, put the decimal point before 999999 to transform it into .999999
Level 17 Solutions: the littlest square is the one in the focal point of the solid shape.

Level 18 Solutions: Tap each of them three and hit check.
Level 19 Solutions: swipe from left to right over the greater part of the blow up strings.
Level 20 Solutions: Do nothing for five seconds and it will proceed onward automatically.
Level 21 Solutions: Flip the telephone over and tap the mathematical statement.

Level 22 Solutions: the most brilliant individual here is yourself.
Level 23 Solutions: tap “all” and “hues” in the meantime.
Level 24 Solutions: Move the vertical line from the in addition to sign to the six to transform it into 8 – 8 = 0.
Level 25 Solutions: Drag the bathtub far from the baby, Sandy.

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