Gems Coins Cheats Clumsy Ninja for iPhone

In clumsy ninja game, you play as a ninja and trained with a bunch of items to make you strong then go for gold coins and diamonds in quick way with training items

clumsy ninja tips

Some of training items such as trampolines, throwing items or heavy bags, or something else will come to cooldown time after you use it.
Alongside, move your ninja either left or right while he is jumping on the trampoline will be a great way of earning XP fast in the early level

Having some training like jumping on the trampoline will level up your ninja and you will also get the most experience from the latest objects, so play around with the latest tools to get the most XP along the game.

During the cooldown section, the repair item will be longer but you can skip the repair time altogether by setting the time for an hour or so on your phone.
Afterwards, go back to the game in order to use the item again.

On the other side, by adjusting the time and date on your device, you can earn experience points and coins quickly
Then every time that you gain an experience level, you will earn one gem for free.

Furthermore, you can also watch an advertisement video to skip the cooldown time for free in which it will earn you the currencies as well.
Besides, you can also make more money by taking part in activities and increasing the little ninja’s mastery of each one.
Once you level your way through a particular activity, coin bags will drop on the floor so that you merely tap on these to be added to your inventory.

Friends and plants like the chicken, the squirrel and the apple blossom will give you a bunch of coin whereby you will unlock them at level 10 later on.

In order to earn coins from them, you have to purchase them immediately, then either wait for them to earn you coins, or set the time and date of your phone again to earn those coins as you want.

In the way of collecting some free gems, just go to the options menu and connect the game to Facebook, Twitter or like the game on Facebook.
At this point, it whereabouts 20 minutes of playing then you will be be offered the chance to connect in order to receive 3 Diamonds or gems.
By having those gems, you can use them to unlock new items for your ninja.

Just play the game every day and make sure you log in and complete all the necessary requirements to receive the daily reward either Coins or Diamonds.
Except playing daily, you have to invest in money-making animals as they will generate coins for you throughout the game.

In addition, listening to your master and trying to complete ever single objective appearing on the book will put you up a decent chunk of change in which it will turn into coins

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