Coin Cheats in 3D City Run 2 on iPhone

When playing 3d city run 2 game, you will have to complete each objective to get more coins for free that you can use to purchase some advanced weapons

3d city run 2 tips

Here, you must survive and run for your life in the streets and sewers of the city that has been hit by unknown apocalypse.
Everytime you shoot zombies and accomplish some tasks in this game, you will earn some coins to buy new weapons and any other valuable items

You will keep running away constantly to survive along the game
And with range of weapons that can be found in the different parts of the city, you have to eliminate anything standing in your way such abandoned cars, blood-thirsty zombies, other obstacles during in the city.

Remember to stay away of unexpected explosions and obstacles in the city, while defending yourself and running away from horde of zombies who occupy the streets and sewers of the city.

During having your journey in this game, you will be running, jumping, avoiding obstacles, and shooting at oncoming zombies along the city road.

You can pick up various weapons in different parts of the city and upgrade your weapons as well.
Armed with upgraded weapons, you have to aim at enemy and shoot them automatically
So simply swipe up to jump over barriers and swipe down to duck under objects

Note that always check your ammo supply and you can just tap screen to reload bullet anytime during the shooting activity

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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