Coins Silver Gold Cards Cheats in Big Win Basketball on iOS

In big win basketball game, you must try to earn a bunch of coins by watching promotional videos that you can use to purchase silver cards

Big Win Basketball

Afterward just save up your money and start buying silver card packs to load up on stronger players.
Try to do this at an early enough level you will not even need to use big impact cards in order to win.

Just continue to play trophies even more and try to place in the top three in order to earn large rewards including both coins and big bucks.

Use the coins and the big bucks to purchase more silver and gold card packs
You also can do offers for free big bucks if you really want to buy more gold packs.

Try to get the best cards such as silver and gold pack as soon as possible in order to be unstoppable in league games with grouped by levels.

You can have those cards by purchasing them with coins and money you got from the league play and any other way

You have to load your team up with gold players so that you will be longer to go for victory without having to use any big impact cards.

Simply save your stat booster cards when getting silver and gold card packs to apply them for having a good player.

Applying those cards pack to bronze cards will be absolutely useless because they will be the first ones that will be replaced when you get some better cards.

Make room for those cards to be saved and if you have no more room for them you can sell or use them only as needed.

You have to build the best basketball team that you can and to vie in league play for getting various rewards.

In the the trophy match ups play, the matched up players will be based upon your own experience level such as in the amateur leagues.

You can hold back your own experience level intentionally while still making a good amount of money as it can be actually more beneficial to lose than to win.

When doing such play you can use your weakest cards so that you will be playing no big impact cards in order to have a much higher chance of losing.
You still have a chance to win but do this only in quick game mode.

In the trophies mode you will earn more total games that you play
It means the more points that you score during Trophies mode will be collected since scoring the highest amount of team points in the league and win Trophies mode.

If you want to play against more teams with a lower and lower level you have to switch from the amateur leagues to the pro leagues, since amateur leagues match you up by level and pro leagues match you up randomly.
When your level get higher you will have the more chances to play against a weaker team.

Go to the time and setting in your phone
Just set the time in the phone an hour or more to get your energy refilled fast.
Now go back to the game
And set the time back to normal after you do this to keep the energy that you just got.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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