Coins Stars Cheats in Royal Revolt iPhone

In royal revolt game, you can get more stars on each level first to get more free coins as a star which you get on a level will give you a certain amount of bonus coins

Royal Revolt on iPhone

Try to beat a level with only one or two stars then go back to that same level and get more stars for the next on.
Because of doing that action you can collect more bonus coins.
Remember that when your character gets killed on a stage, you will be asked to spend a certain number of coins in order to revive your character.

Try to give up and go back and retry the stage.
Then go back and play other stages to get more free coins.

In order to get more coins is just try to go back about 5 stages then beat the stage again after you have just already beaten it.
Remember that it should be 5 stages but not 10-15 stages instead in order to get possibility to get more points.

When upgrading your soldiers you have to spend your coins in order to send a massive amount of them out at one time.
So you have to get together with your team and do not jump out ahead of them as you can heal them at one time too.

When healing your soldiers your heal spell alone is a huge force multiplier so you have to go to their castles in order to have a gigantic army for battle later on.

To beat enemy army in this game, you can follow these tips
After defeating your aunt with the wooden blockades and her armies all you have to do is just keep using the fire spell and upgrading it.
This upgrade is useful when you are sticking around your troops, the fire spell will act to protect them from any attackers that you come across

Try pairing up fire with the healing spell in order your soldiers not to make short work as you make your way down the path.
Try to jump ahead of your front line of troops and keep hitting and running attacks on enemy soldiers and towers.

While doing so use fire spell once more to drain energy from archer towers and enemy soldiers so that they continue to lose energy because of being set on fire.
At this occasion just run away while recovering your energy, then get back at them when your hit points and spells have been regenerated and do it again to defeat your enemy soldier.

As a good strategy of before going to battle and defeat your enemy all you have to do is just try to wait until your troop calling meter fully charges before sending all of your troops out of battle.
By doing so your troops will always be under the protection of the healing spell in the right time from the beginning to the end so that they will be more ready to go to the battle arena.

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