Coins and Weapons Cheats in WWE Presents Rockpocalypse on iPhone

In wwe presents rockpocalypse game, you can get more coins cash in every stage
Here, you play as The Rock who has to battle his way though the different sound stages to get to rescue human while collecting coins from the battle.

wwe rockpocalypse tips

Before starting a fight, you have to search the environment for clues by zooming them as they are usually quite small and can be difficult to see on the screen.

Meanwhile you will come across gold coins during your search of looking for hidden clues as these clues will be the hints to discover what happened to those people that are attacking The Rock in any other ways and in any other situation and condition.

Once earning enough coins you can buy weapons and new items of clothing through the in-game store to improve The Great One’s stats and to make The Rock more powerful and stylish.

Increase your experience by delivering your best punch, kick, and slam your way through enemies across 18 progressively harder levels and through four different environments.

As your experience increases you will be allowed to upgrade The Brahma Bull’s health, stamina, and attack stats as you progress through the game.
In addition you can select and upgrade five different combat skills to further customize your fighting ability in which it will help you defeat the enemies quickly.

To complete every level you have to win multiple fights but your health will not be restored until you make it through them all.
So try to win the first few fights, in order not to lose the last one in the level, as you will have to start from the beginning again.

Attacking your opponent drains your energy so you have move perfectly at the right time.
When “tap” buttons appear on your screen during a fight, just use The Rock’s special wrestling moves.

In this session you have to tap on the buttons as quickly as possible to make use of them in different environments and challenging levels.
Try swiping in various directions in order to attack your opponents in different ways.

However if the enemies block your punches, you will be too tired to protect yourself so that you will lose the fight.
While battling against them, try to discover the hidden clues to help you to reveal what had actually happened.

As making a good progress through the game, you can improve your performance through upgrading your attack, health, slam stats and stamina needed in this game.

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