Coins Cash Cheats Robo Jungle Rush on iPhone

In robo jungle rush game, you have to accomplish every mission to get some coins cash along the game then you must get stars when the grid is completed or filled with earned stars you will get a trophy automatically.

robo jungle rush guides

Afterward you can view your trophies in the trophy case as these trophies will add points to your score to be shared with your friends.
Moreover, you can also try your luck in some casino style mini-game to win additional prizes and boosts in each level.

Along the run, you will earn coins to be used in the shop to purchase upgrades for helps, utilities, or items to customize your character.
If you will have coins in quick time, you can purchase them with real money.
However, if you log into Facebook in the game, you will get 3000 coins for bonus.

You can use a wide range of unique items and power ups such as turning enemies into gold or blasting everything in your path while using different vehicles, each with their own set of challenges

You can also use those power ups when fighting against spherical monsters, firing lasers at you, giant boulders, rock heads, ancient poles, and many more.

When running forward, you can try to evade the many creative traps that try to stop your progress.
In order to do so, you need to tilt your device, to evade whatever dangers can be dodged on the lane you are running on, swipe downwards to slide, swipe upwards to jump, and double-jump, and swipe sideways to change lanes.

Once having more run you will have some abilities to let you destroy your obstacles, turning them into gold pick-ups, while two abilities actually change the gameplay by giving you a vehicle.
Each of the vehicles has a power bar that tells you, for how long you can activate the vehicle’s ability, like burrowing with a digger.

When the run starts, you can 3 lanes available, so simply swipe back and forth to switch lanes as it occasionally will narrow down to 1 lane.
You can brush past the rolling stone, by clinging to a side of the lane, and sliding down.
Then you can simply run past the stone heads by running on the side, so you will not have to change lanes.

In each mission, you will also encounter random bosses so rush into a vibrant jungle filled with mighty robots then suit up and ride awesome vehicles
By doing so you can win tons of coins and share videos of your victories with friends.

Before going to run on the track, you can customize your hero with fancy dress then jump, tilt, swipe and rush your way through an astonishing jungle with changing environments.
Thus just try to get coins, avoid obstacles, and take on dastardly robots using exciting power-ups and enthralling vehicles

Try also completing engaging missions to collect unique trophies and win additional prizes and boosts bonuses in a casino-like mini-game to boost your score and help your run coming to a good progress

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