Coins Cheats in Harbinger Wars Battle for Las Vegas iPhone

In harbinger wars battle for las vegas game, you must try to earn more money coins through mission to unlock the next chapters

harbinger wars battle for las vegas guides

Completing every goal in every level will give you an access to earn some coins for free
In the beginning of the game, you will be provided with the first level with the goal to kill every soldier on it so that you will get an access card to leave.

On the other side, the first chapter will put you in control of Project: Rising Spirit subject albino killer Bloodshot as he makes his escape from the nefarious government facility.

During in each mission, you can pick up “Harbinger Coins” so that you can purchase various items in the shop menu and green vials to restore your health.

Once getting enough coins, you can use them to unlock the next levels or chapters for having different experiences and adventures

This game provides retro-style graphics and gameplay in an 8-bit side-scrolling adventure game packed with actions and shooting.

You will take part in control of a killer, who will fight the way out of the government building with a heavy gun while moving, jumping and shooting all enemies standing in your way.

In order to control your character, just use a virtual touch analog pad to control the action, with a shoot and jump touch button to take out your enemies, which range from robotic sentries to guards.

Use left or right virtual analog button to jump or fire on the left.
Use up or down virtual analog button for ladders or shooting up

Note that this game needs skill, time, and the ability to overcome challenges spreading out on each level.

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