Coins Cheats in Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles iPhone

In lego star wars the yoda chronicles game, all you will do is to shoot for collecting coins for free
Early on this game, you will select between either fighting for the Jedi side or fighting for the Sith side.

lego star wars the yoda chronicles tips

However, you can change sides in the menu screen between stages as the game will let you go, and tap the bottom left button in the four button row.
By doing so you will get an entirely new set of levels while doubling the length of the game.

Every side that you are choosing will have a set of three missions per level to complete, but you do not have to complete all three of them in one shot.

Try to finish one mission per attempt, to get all three missions finished completely to be added to your progress total.

There will be some units to manage then collect a few studs to build more, so that you will go head towards a designated point where your units destroy the others.

Try tapping on a unit building facility to get your units regenerated some instantly even in the middle of a battle.

All you have to do is to build your way through 8 iconic levels action per side then create and control your favorite characters and armies from elite Clone Troopers to powerful Starships
And you will have the main goal to smash your enemy, solve puzzles and complete challenges.

Complete a quest with Yoda or Count Dooku to find your destiny and discover exciting mini movies that reveal the story
Try collecting exclusive bonus levels to rank up and upgrade your units through some missions

You will normally having through some stages that require you to move in the opposite direction
Meanwhile, other stages will require you to beat the stage within a time limit

Thus you can use the map to plot the best route.
You simply pass all of the enemies rather kill them in order to win the battle.
And you don’t have to target all of them individually to kill them, because when
Your hero will shoot enemies automatically once getting close to them.

Just keep moving when shooting at your enemies, even if you have targeted them already.
After targeting them, tap at a blank portion of the screen to keep running and your characters will keep shooting as you have targeted them.

And the game will remember your move, after you tap on multiple targets, one after the other so that you will kill them off one by one
Thus, simply target enemies quickly and keep running while shooting at them.

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