Coins Cheats in Anodia 2 iOS

Clm has the series of Anodia game that is Anodia 2, a complete new take on the classic brick breaker genre.
This game offers every level in unique and fresh with a modern design and art style.

anodia 2 walkthorugh iphone android

Again, this game, Anodia 2 introduces new user experience concept that is just play and get the best high score.
Here, you will have got the paddle, the ball, and the bricks or, random shapes that wobble and bonk around the screen in various formations.

You will also have still got the exact same power-ups and power-downs that fall from the screen and do everything from coat the paddle in glue to giving the ball a flaming tail that helps destroy more stuff.
You will also get to try to unlock new levels then.

Anyway, this game has come along with minimalist look which everything is flat and smooth, and much brighter than the first outing.
And, this game will feature coins that you can get by playing, watching video ads, or just checking in on the app once or twice a day.
With these coins, you can go for the gumball machine

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