Coins Cheats in Impulse GP Super Bike Racing iPhone

Impulse GP Super Bike Racing from EcoTorque Games is a kind of racing game on the water where you are not racing with sleek airships, but you will do with hover bikes, a futuristic racing bike ever.

impulse gp futuristic bike racer walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will see your rider basically sitting on a rocket and hearing a loud zoom every time you pass your opponents during the race.

In this game, you will see that the way speed boosts are handled in that each track has a bunch of sections painted in green

And, when your bike races over them you can hold the Impulse button to charge up a boost.
Anyway, holding it too early or for too long will get the boost cancelled
Then, doing it for the exact length of the green strip will get you to a considerable leap forward in speed.

Also, you will see blue boost pads, which you can use to race over one and to save it then trigger it whenever you want.

On the other side, you will see red strips that will slow you down and should be avoided at all cost. In line with this, there is at least one track with a red strip strategically placed as a brake before a hairpin turn.

To play this game, it will be better to use tilt option in which there is a curved bar on the right side of the screen that you can slide your thumb over to steer.

Besides, you will also be served with two buttons for your green and blue boosts, you can move to the side of the screen.

To test your reflexes, you can try to play in two main modes which are Quick Race and Pro Race.
Quick Race can be said as a regular career mode, with each track becoming unlocked since you place in the top 3 of the previous one.

Later on, you will have to unlock the real race on each track by your best times in a time trial mode.
Along the game, every track also can be played as a Drag Race, which will give you a simplified straight version of the track
In that track, you will be able to tap the boosts as accurately as possible.

After mastering in quick race, you can try playing in Pro Race which will give a new challenge as you will deal with better opponents online.

During the race, you will be able to get some coins
Once earning enough coins, you can use them to purchase new and faster bikes, that will help you beat any opponent in pro race mode

Thus, if you want to get more and more coins, you can try to play in pro race as if you are the winner, you will be granted with a bunch of coins as reward

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