Coins Cheats Magic Orbz iPhone

In magic orbz game, all you will do is to accomplish challenge that is to smash through blocks or other generic stationary objects filled with pirate ships, sharks, and towers of playing cards in each stage and you will need to scoop up with your bat without letting the ball drop off the bottom of the screen to do that action.

Magic Orbz for iPhone

Some will arm you temporarily with weapons like cannons and lasers and others will increase the number of balls on the screen.
Beware the skull and crossbones though, as letting this touch your bat will take a life away from you.

Some environmental effects will be available for you to pick up including crescent moons that extend the time of your power-ups, earthquakes that unsettle the physics of the level, meteor strikes that rain fiery hell down on the bay, and even wind storms that unsettle lighter buildings and enemies.
Those effects will help you bring the islands to life.

You will pick up coins during your gameplay then use them in the store to provide a temporary advantage and do some upgrades to speed things up.
Just purchase a rope to stretch across the bottom of the screen and save you from one miss, while the magnet causes the ball to stick to the bat on each return.
Besides you can use a bazooka to really shake things up and get a head-start.

This will offer you 42 levels of obstacles to be cleared before running out of lives.
Always stay alert of the pick-ups and power-downs drop from the destroyed blocks.

The lots of power-ups and bizarre obstacles in-game day-night cycle will challenge you to be completed so that you will earn dozens of trophies to attempt.

Here, you will also get inventive with its power-ups, serving up meteors and tornadoes that further mash up the levels, as well as lasers, cannons, and machine guns that affix to your paddle and let you do more active damage to the sights.

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