Coins Cheats in Sword of Xolan iOS

Alper Sarikaya has launched Sword of Xolan, a retro platformer and an entertaining action game with great controls, lovely art, strong level design and a good variety of enemies to deal with

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Along the game, you will simply start jumping and slashing enemies standing in your way.
In this game, you will guide Xolan who is a young and brave man fighting for justice no matter what the cost.
You must help him on his journey to stand against darkness and bring back the peace and serenity that once was.

On the other words, this game will get you to move up and down on a web, patrolling monsters that occasionally spit stuff at you, rock-throwing monsters, an abundance of spikes, plenty of boxes and bottles to break, and the occasional flying monster.

Also, you will get your spells by collecting blue potions, which give you three shots.
Be sure to get those potions too often that gives you an easy way out if an enemy is tricky because you can just stand across the screen and shoot away.

During the game, you will go through 30 Story levels, 3 Bosses, and 9 time-based challenges.
Later on, this game also has a very light Collectible Card part where you are able to purchase random cards along with various power ups.

In addition, this game features gold coins that you can collect when battling with enemies in each stage
Thus, with all gold coins you have got, you can purchase what you need in this game

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