Coins Cheats in Viking Remix Madness iOS

Ferver Studios has a rhythm-based endless runner game that uses hilarious distractions to toy with the users wrapped in Viking Remix Madness.
As you see, the characters are seemingly made in cute, chibi, horned helmet form despite their historical violence and lack of horned helmets

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In this game, you will experience high score music and rhythm game with specific sounds in which you row along with your crew in a jammin’ voyage of zany bearded awesome.

Along the game, you will have your crew consisting of three row men, one steersman, and a captain rocking out on the ship’s bow where you will swipe to get over big waves.
If you miss one row, you lose the bowman, another and you lose the steer-man, before a third missed row summons a huge wave to shatter your ship.

As you will learn in the first stage, you will get a cue that each swipe wave is preceded by raised glowing yellow oars
In line with this, if you can manage to keep the captain on the bow alive, in that he will make a motion with his hand to help signal the triple taps.
At this point, a triple tap will be timed as such that you do five taps in a row.

Once getting some progresses, you will be rewarded with a bunch of coins which you can use to get one time use coin multipliers, shipmate revives, and fat-lady-singing Valkyrie accompanied head starts.
During your voyage, you will see a few chatting sea-gulls, loads of their actual crap, a happy-go lucky Narwhal and more.

Moreover, you can also use these coins to fish for random treasure chests, which will contain these boosts, but also different characters to replace those on your crew.
So, in order to rack up more and more coins you must try to complete each quests on the sea that will be fun to experience along with your crew

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