Coins Cheats to Breed Dragons in Dragon Souls iPhone

In dragon souls game, you can get coins for free by selling a dragon when you do not need it again.
Just tap on the habitat

Dragon Souls

Then tap on the dragon inside of the habitat
Afterward tap the sell button on the dragons profile pop up screen.

If you have too many duplicates of the same dragons you can sell them, and try to make room for something better like a hybrid dragon.
You can sell habitats in the same manner as long as the habitat has no dragons inside of it.

You have to maximize the most lucrative habitats that you can get in order to maximize coins as you only have a limited number of dragon habitats in this game.

Fire habitats are the least lucrative as they only max out at 300 coins that is 600 for superior fire habitats before you can collect Ice habitats will offer 3000 coins that is 6000 for superior habitats The wind habitats will max out at 5,000 coins before you are forced to collect
The earth habitats will max out at 10,000 coins before you have to collect.

Simply buy the regular version then upgrade to the superior version after it is built. Upgrading process will take a shorter amount of time and you will earn more total experience points because of this.

Create a strong guardian by breeding and incubating the dragons In the cultivation the soul of a dragon is essential for its existence.

So you have to enrich your dragons souls to grow to be healthy and strong.
You will have to incubate, breed and raise your dragon to get your dragon grown into a strong guardian with the power to protect all the land, and drive out any humans who attempt to disturb the peace.

Try to collect many different kinds of formidable and mysterious dragons with distinctive attributes each of them. You have to breed dragons of different attributes with each other to create completely new kinds of dragons.

You have to train your dragons first to make them bigger, stronger and capable of withstanding any invasion.

Try to be the solid team mate by working together with your dragons to repel enemy attacks in the battle.
Now the defense of the kingdom is in your hands and your dragon.

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