Coins Diamonds Cheats in Blitz Brigade on iPhone

In blitz brigade game, you must try to get the game currencies in form of coins and diamonds that you can sue to unlock characters and upgrade weapons

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Completing each mission will give you a chance of collecting some coins in which they will be useful to do some upgrades of your weapons and vehicles
Simply shoot up destructible objects like birds, rockets, helmets to get some extra scores and coins.

By having these currencies, you can buy and upgrade weapons and vehicles, or get boost items for your next missions.

On the other side, they can also be used to unlock character classes and advanced stages and items before you reach the required level.

Accomplishing quick shoots such as shooting down flying objects like grenades will give you reward with extra scores.

By having more stars, you will be awarded with zero to three stars.
Completion of each mission will also give you rewards including coins and XP in that all missions are re-playable so that you will get a chance to return to a predecessor mission to challenging high scores and get more stars.

Every mission will provide you one or two hidden puzzle pieces to collect.
Therefore, you will have to collect enough stars then complete the puzzle before unlocking the next stage.

There will be five class choices namely Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper and Stealth, as well as multiple WWII weapon and some vehicles to choose.

By having over 100 weapons such as rifles, flamethrowers, machine guns, and even tank busters, you can shoot up enemies and their vehicles.
A virtual thumbstick will give you control your character’s movement and adjust your sight to aim by moving around your touch device, and fire by tapping bullet icon.

You can also customize the controls on your device by offering options like inverting Y-axis, switching to left-handed control scheme, or turning off gyroscope control and using the thumbstick only.

Try playing this game on single-player training missions or join online multiplayer matches.
In single-player mission mode, you can be allowed to experience what the different character classes are capable of doing then test various weapons and vehicles.

In mission machine gun, you will take a role as a gunner to kill all incoming enemies with a heavy machine gun.

In helicopter missions, you will control a chopper to fly and shoot at the ground units.
In mission sniper elimination, you can try a precision rifle as a sniper to test your shooting skills at one head shot.

There will be 12 stages with a total of 120 very challenging solo missions that will give you a goal to eliminate waves of incoming enemies with assigned weapons and ammo.

Armed enemies will be attacking from different directions so that you have to kill the ones with long-range weapons and grenades first and deal the close-contact type later.
However after you used up all your ammo of your main weapon, you will have to switch to smaller pistols and finally cold weapons.

The combat score will relied on some factors like the time used, combo shoots or shooting accuracy in which this factor in solo missions will determine your achievements

You can play with up to 12 players at the same time on 4 different maps in online matches.
The multiplayer modes are categorized in 2 modes such as the 4 Vs 4 Deathmatch mode and the 6 Vs 6 Domination mode

In the 4 Vs 4 Deathmatch mode, your goal is to shoot everyone from the opposing team
In the 6 Vs 6 Domination mode, each team tries to seize the battleground by controlling flags.

So just add friends from facebook and Gameloft live then invite them from the friend list to join multiplayer game.

By having some friends next to you, the game will give some much fun to battle with enemies and to collect money including coins and diamonds.

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