How to Get Coins Game Controllers in Combo Crew on iPhone

In combo crew game, you can gather up some coins to increase your hero`s stats in that you must try to beat enemies then you can use your coins to upgrade your heroes

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Once getting the coins you can spend them on perks whereby their permanent nature will help you do better in both King of the Tower mode and Combo Crew mode.

Afterward try buying boosts that will help you complete a mission in that these boosters include Fries to double and refill life gauge, Red Chili to fill Super Combo meter and grant a x2 multiplier and Burger to replenish health.
It costs coins to make purchases, so try to select up to five items per game.

Remember not to buy the dice unless you have a mission that asks you to collect a lot of coins or to attack running chests.
By attacking more chests, you can earn more coins as well

However, when facing a running chest, it will run away from the battle if you cannot kill it fast enough. For such reasons, try to swipe on it and hold to perform a charged attack in which it will stand still until you release the attack and then you can keep attacking it before it runs away.

Note that you have to move form one place to another as it will make you avoid quickly attacking from variety of enemies.
Stay alert of the Super Combo meter just below the character’s health bar.
And when the Super Combo meter is full, press the button, then swipe as many enemies as possible.

Always remember that a full Super Combo meter will not carry over to new levels so that it will be a good idea to use Super Combo meter to bosses battle.

To begin combos action, you just swipe with two fingers as it will be more powerful than one finger strikes.
Then before choosing a fighter, click the Combos button to view individual moves and the required swipes as well.

On the other side you can also equip different combos by pressing the SWAP button.
Furthermore select a maneuver, then tap the question mark icon on the lower right to see what it does.
And Swipe and hold to perform a charge attack to break an enemy’s guard.
The Air Attack will deal three times the damage so that you have to swipe an enemy while he is juggled to do the Air Attack.

Try to increase the combo meter by hitting enemies and blocking strikes.
If getting hit and waiting too long between hits you will break the combo streak.
You can try to have a wide variety of attacks to fill Super Meter faster.

If you use an attack you have not used yet in the combo streak, it will fill a large chunk of the Super Meter and it can be filled several times for a bonus multiplier.

When purchasing boosts to improve your high score, you must have all of the lunchbox perks, as every one of them will let you take an extra boost into Combo Crew Mode.

Alongside, game controllers are much more rare to get than coins.
When the first time on a King of the Tower round, you will earn one of game controllers for getting a gold medal
Moreover, you will earn one of those game controllers for each mission you complete in Combo Crew Mode.

Therefore, you have to play Combo Crew Mode with all of characters in their own missions
In the beginning of the game, you can use one–three controllers on new combo attacks for your favorite character

Afterward you must save them until you have got 20 of those game controllers in order to unlock Dolph or Sammo.
If you get the extra controllers from the first character that you have unlocked you will be easily to unlock the second one in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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