Coins Gems Cheats Samurai vs Zombie Defense 2 iPhone

In samurai vs zombie defense 2 game, you can play as the heroic Samurai assigned to defend your village against even nastier hordes of brutal zombies and demons then build defenses then recover sacred Artifacts to stop them

svz defense 2 walkthrough

You can earn those coins by downloading and running various titles advertised on the main menus, dropped in game
Completing some offers will also a great way of earning coins.
By using the coins collected from each stage you can upgrade much of your units and characters’ abilities.

You have to fight zombies entering from the right side of the screen and summon minions to help you do so then prevent them from getting to your Sacred Gate in the left side of the screen.
Instead of fighting other Samurai’s you will fight zombies.

Your samurai will run faster going towards your portal, then away.
So you have to keep enemy waves at bay by running up to them so that their attack animation starts, then run out of range and repeat.

You can find power ups including sushi, cup of tea, revive, souls etc that will only be upgraded with coins.
Moreover you will be able to recruit exciting new allies with those coins and golds you collected from the missions

By unlocking powerful new heroes you can expand your defense and become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses, and magical abilities with your coins and golds
Try playing the game in daily challenge, single player story, and multiplayer collections.

Single player mode is the easiest one as you have a smaller number of enemies who proceed at a moderately slower pace. So level up your character in this mode to unlock more heroes, such as Kunoichi, sorceress, Ronin, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
Daily challenge features will provide you some intense combat scenarios, that will surely turn out to be the cup of tea for those bellicose players.

The multiplayer mode will allow you to challenge your friends in order to win their totem.
On the other side you can also try to steal lots of useful things such as Artifacts from your friends or enemies to complete collections and receive big rewards bonus in this game

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