Coins Gems Cheats in Battlestone iPhone

In battlestone game, you must complete quests to collect coins and gems so that you can use them to get more battlestones or fuse characters.
Then, you can use gems to refill the HP of you heroes after having involved in the battle for glory

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Once getting these currencies, you can customize and upgrade your hero’s abilities.
Along the game, you will be as a summoner who finds himself in the midst of a void war.

Because of this circumstance, you will have to build your team to explore across multiple maps in a single-player quest mode while fending off hordes of evil creatures with the summoned heroes and sending those evil creatures back to the void.

In order to create a powerful team, try to collect dozens of unique fighters then train your squad of heroes and seamlessly swap them in battle to use all of their special powers to defeat evil of The Void and control the mighty forces trapped in the Battlestones.

For every five battlestones collected, you can open a portal for a new hero to emerge from and join the combat team.
Some heroes that have been unlocked will vary in class, stats, and appearance
They are commonly categorized into two types that are those who excel at close-up combat and those who fights better at range.

By using the Battlestones that is as a reward for winning the battle, you can summon new and rare heroes with unique powers then send them to join the tournament.
Moreover, you will be allowed to swap summoned heroes freely in mid-combat.

During in the battle, you will just swipe the buttons on the screen to deliver over-the-top attack combinations to fend off hordes of enemies.
Meanwhile you can create the combination of attacks with special abilities to take down multiple enemies in a single move.

Try to swap heroes quickly in battle by switching them in the middle of the action to survive oncoming challenges
You can do so when fighting against your friends and other players in a built-in guilds system and weekly guild tournaments to win powerful Battlestones.

You do not point and click enemies to launch an attack in which you need to swipe across the enemies like painting a path to attack them and keeping swiping on enemies launch continuous attacks and use of skills.

Note that your HP does not get refilled automatically at the end of a battle so if killed in combat such as in PvP and quest alike, you will have to wait for a while before it revives and becomes available again.

In order to survive when facing stronger enemies, you have to enhance the power of your newly acquired heroes.
For such reasons, you must participate in the battle more often so that you will get experience to level up your hero

Furthermore, you will also gain improved stats and new skills.
You can alternatively upgrade a hero by fusing it with an unwanted hero.

When playing in a battle mode and a built-in guild system, you will engage in one-on-one fights with the other opponents preset defender character.
In addition, for those who win this battle will be rewarded with battlestones and for those who want more interactions, they can join in a guild and fight in guild tournaments to have more rewards.

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