Coins Gems Honor Scrolls Cheats in Dungeon Boss iPhone

Right now, Dungeon Boss as a popular RPG played on mobile platforms, ios and android
This game seems to feature multiple forms of currency

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Coins is the one that will be handy to upgrade your heroes skills.
Besides, there is also gems which you can use to get more rare heroes
There is also honor scrolls to get portal summons and as means to purchase in the store.

You will easily grab coins from the battles and the quests that you have completed in the game.
Just collect your quest rewards that will be in form of coin.
Also, you can replay the older levels to farm a bunch of gold coins

Moreover, once unlocking My Dungeon, you can go for the PvP battles where you will battle with other players for big coins.
Be sure to upgrade your gold protection as well

In accordance with gems, you will get them for free once you can unlock a new level.
Here, you can battle with enemies in the final area of a particular stage where you will earn a lot of gems there
Plus, every time you can complete each given quest, you will be granted with gems and coins as rewards

Again, during in your quest, you will be able to get honor scrolls, and you can also get them from the PvP dungeon area.

In line with this, each time, you can beat a player you will be rewarded with honor scrolls
Moreover, if you can defeat higher rank player, you will get more scrolls
Later on, if you can take part in tournament, you will get a chance to collect honor scrolls for free

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