Coins Loot Boost Cheats in Outland iPhone

In outland game, you must try completing each mission to get more coins that you can use to unlock all the outfits
When running through this game the trails of coins will naturally appear around you.


Meanwhile doing a sprint you will be leaping over pits, smashing violent robots, dodging mines, then just collect a healthy number of coins during each run that hang around every corner.
The further you get, the more points you get and the more assailants you turn into nuts and bolts.

So collecting all coins in a particular group nets will earn you a small score boost, with more points as a welcome reward to encourage more precise use of jumping and midair dashes action.

After getting those coins you can use them on a variety of upgrades on power-up and score multipliers then unlock and buy alternate costumes as well.
Simply upgrade two power-ups in the form of juice and a transformation into Bullseye, the Monday Night Combat mascot.

Use power up Juice to make you temporarily invincible in which it will cause more obstacles to spawn so that you can help rack up points as you hit each one.
Bullseye will cause the track ahead to become filled with the in-game currency.

The game uses the familiar two-button controls scheme.
Tap on the bottom-left side of the screen to make you jump
Tap on the bottom-right side to make you perform a swirling melted attack.

Actual buttons will appear on the screen at the start of your run, and fade after a few presses.
So do a double jump to help you avoid obstacles then use the attack in midair to take out targets or get a little extra distance out of your jumps.
On the other side the midair attack will be the endless runner formula to allow you dash twice before hitting the ground.

By doing so you can jump over a gap and dash at the last moment to avoid landing on a mine
Meanwhile the touch controls are precise enough to actually make such last-minute maneuvers feel natural.

Every level in this game will be randomly generated so try to make the combos to avoid obstacles you face during having a run.
Run, slash, and jump your way to victory through exotic locations, deadly robots, and ever increasing acrobatic scenarios designed in this game.

While doing all that actions you can collect mega loot and dazzle the crowd with elaborate costumes and weapons.
In addition you have to survive to win your freedom with some items and power up you have got during playing this game.

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