Coins Loot Cheats in Rebirth of Fortune 2 on iPhone

In rebirth of fortune 2 magical revolution game, you can earn some coins funds to upgrade gear and increase levels for your characters

rebirth of fortune 2 tips

Because of winning in each battle, you will get some fresh funds that you can use to upgrade your units.
Once your units getting upgraded, you will unlock a new skill or you will be able to use a profession from a higher ranking class.

Completing a review will give you a chance of collecting 10000 coins to unlock the first couple of characters.

In addition, beating levels will give you rank points that determine how many characters you can bring on each battle.

You will move your character one by one then the enemy moves one.
So if you have 4 characters, and the enemy has only 2, then they have to wait for you to move all of your characters before the next round starts up.

Meanwhile, you will take turn selecting a single unit to move and attack the enemy.
Once taking turns, you have to annihilate your opponent to lead you to be the winner.

Your unit will be equipped with a variety of skills and abilities in that you can these skills by using up Ether collected during the game.

Remember that more powerful skills will consume more Ether, so you must use them wisely and strategically at a critical moment.

There will be 20 different classes to unlock through some levels.
Thus you will have to unlock all 25 classes of combat units and manage battle formation to fight against over 35 classes of various enemy monsters.

After getting enough coins, you can use them to level up characters and some of the unlocks are for level 120 warriors.

On the other side, every unit in this game will have 3 moves that you have to learn to get to certain levels as it tells you on the character selection screen

Unlocking the Colosseum for multiplayer will lead you to some 30 individual fights on one spot and in other locations that you will go through to get into any kind of story

In this Colosseum multiplayer game mode, you can perform your actions with the other players via Game Center

On the other word, you can compete with players around the globe with different strategic styles in head to head test.

In addition, you can also increase your skills by playing the AI in single player mode so that you can prepare any strategy before going to the Colosseum multiplayer mode.

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