Coins Rubies Cheats for Fantasy Quest on iPhone

Walkthrough of playing fantasy quest game on ios generation
a. Earn more coins as the currency of this game to get unique heroes
When playing this game there will be the town building with all the expectant tax collection and land expansion to earn coins for having more heroes

On the other side there will be the energy-reliant with a number of different characters and quests as well.

With having more buildings created in town will affect what characters can be hired for a team
In addition can also earn goods from slaying goblins and such necessary for expanding the town to collect more taxes so that it will bring you money coins.

fantasy quest tips

b. Manage your best strategy to beat the various monsters that threaten the land
You can compete and fight against friends in real-time PvP and tournament modes for having more rubies and goods as your reward in your victory

By having more currencies you have to try unlocking and recruiting 14 unique powerful heroes with unique skills and abilities so that they will have your solid team compositions
Each hero will be equipped with their own sets of equipment to manage and special skills to learn.
Afterward customize your own unique skill to fit your preference and perfect your battle time strategies.
Thus just show your rivals who the real dominating power is amongst all kingdoms in this game

c. Use your stamina wisely when having a battle with opponents
During the battle stamina is needed to attack specific buildings and each hit will give damage determined by the questing team and surrounding buildings as well

By defeating the enemies buildings you can collect more various resources, including Valor that acts as a kind of special currency used to unlock new heroes as your team.

So expand your Kingdom with advance technology and unlock powerful heroes of magic and light then become the most powerful hero in this game.

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