How to Get Coins Score in Mutant Fridge Mayhem on iPhone

In fridge mayhem game, you will freely select characters among gumball darwin and anais which will get a battle hordes of mutant leftovers

Fridge Mayhem on iPhone

This is all about the ultimate food fight in which every food will take down the mutant to save elmore
So try to join this game to beat them up with a lot of neat abilities equipped with your character

During playing this game you can switch between Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to defeat swarms of mutant food.

Each character has some special abilities to perform in the battle arena.
Gumball throws a rampaging temper tantrum to the mutant
Anais has the power of Daisy the Donkey used to heal her teammates
Darwin has a bubble shield used to block attacks.

You will try so hard to level up and unlock new abilities so your character will get new skill and power for having battle with the mutant
So you have to dish out the destruction across 30 different levels by fighting against the mutant

Dad’s expired jelly has mutated everything in the Watterson’s refrigerator
Now you will play as Gumball, Darwin, and Anais that are all stand between Elmore and total mutation domination
So you will have to struggle among them to survive in every level

Try to give your characters manly mustaches to transform them into burly fighters.
You can also lock and load with the tennis ball cannon.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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