Coins Tickets Cheats in Minuscule The Private Life of Insects iPhone

In minuscule the private life on insects game, you can get ring coins while flying to race on the different tracks

minuscule the private life of insects tips

The main goal of this game is to taunt the spider, and to beat him in a race.
Whilst racing with an angry Fly, an army of Red Ants and many more interesting insects, you can collect coins and rings spreading along the tracks

There will also be various random bugs to avoid as well as other obstacles so that you have to struggle to win every race to earn more coins.

Meanwhile, you have to collect three rings in each stage to get a bonus of 500 coins
In order to get all of them, try to pay attention closely when you reply a stage.

Note that those rings will always pop up at the exact same time and in the exact same place in which they will easily to remember when they appear

Once getting all three of those rings, they will no longer appear on the stage so that you can focus on collecting coins and getting them as much as possible.

Remember not to use any of your mini game tickets until later on in the game as when you double the coins you will not really collect all of them.

So just wait until later stages where you can earn over 200 coins in a single run, then you can use up one of your tickets to play the mini game after having a particularly good run.

Try to get rid of all the butterflies, that will slow you down, and the bee missiles, that will stop you in your tracks and cause you to miss all of your coins along the tracks.

On the other side, try to avoid any of the fruits, rocks, or flowers appearing on the top or bottom of the stage, because they will cause you to stop in various ways when landing on the fruit, or crashing into the rock.

During the race of every level, you will have to race and dodge to collect coins then unlock new environments to explore any further levels in all the world.

Each world of this game will provide 8 races with new powers and insects to earn.
So you will have your journey to fly through insects worlds filled with Bees, Grasshoppers, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Spiders while learning fun facts about each of the 19 insects you meet during your flight.

When racing in mini games, you will collect more coins as this is the main currency to purchase new abilities and power-ups needed to win each race.

Before going to the race track, you can test your skill in the Endurance Mode to ‘fly ‘till you flop’ in that it will give a notice to fly even faster and higher.

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