Collect More Golden Atoms for 3 Stars in Digit & Dash iPhone

Imsomniac Games has Digit & Dash game where you will are tasked to control and guide both Digit and Dash, two robots in love trying to defeat the evil hot dog person who split them up
In line with this, all you will do is jumping, slamming and dashing as they speed through mind-bending, dangerous levels.

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Each time you perform your action, you must use well-timed jumps and slams with Digit or Dash to propel the other higher in the air to avoid bigger obstacles in each stage.

In the mean time, you can also activate switches and unlock pickups through skillful timing and fast-twitch responses when controlling two characters at once on either side of a vertical level.

AS you can see, they will run from the bottom to the top along what is essentially a straight line with various traps and enemies along it.
Tapping on either side will force that robot to jump over an obstacle.
Here, the two robots are able to work together to clear greater obstacles, and you can do this with a little bit of trick.

While one robot is in the air, you can tap again and they will slam into the “ground” and send the other robot into an even higher jump.
Those are your main moves, but you can also bounce on enemies to get even more air, and jump on various buttons acting like power-ups.

Anyway, playing this game is all about tap and tap, in which you will be sending the robots over obstacles and bouncing off enemies with the greatest of ease.
Once making progresses through the game, the game will ramp up the difficulty incredibly fast.

Throughout the game, you will get through five worlds, each containing five levels and one boss fight that will reward you big bonus.
Also, you musty try harder to get three stars on each level by revisiting them and collecting all the letters and golden atoms.

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