Where is Combo Code in Ninja Wrath on iPhone

In ninja wrath game, you must accomplish missions in order to get cash that you can use to unlock new levels and skills and upgrade new weapons

ninja wrath tips

During the game play, you will suit up as a ninja to fight against any different enemies with some techniques that you have mastered before

Meanwhile, you will run and fly through 60 challenging stage levels for upgrading and earnings.
To perform more actions, you will beat flying ninjas from above, clay warriors from below, samurai, yetis, zombie pirates, gunslingers, blade wielders, possessed beasts, brutes, bosses and many more challenges

With simple controls, fast-paced action, and stunning combos, you can unleash waves of magical force to crush, poison, burn, freeze and destroy any enemies in the battlefield

By having through the battles across every stage, you will level up and unlock powerful combos.
Thus with these combos, you can fight against tons of miscellaneous enemies, including flying ninjas, clay warriors, samurai, zombie pirates, brutal bosses and more.

On the other side, you will also test skills and complete missions through Bonus levels, Time Attack and Survival Mode.

Just use real arcade controls to become a deadly force of lightning-fast attacks and to deliver special powerful combos and ninja skills during the battle moment

Get new weapons then go to battle, dodge traps and avoid attacks with a quick dash while striking any foe with the skills as ninja

Furthermore, your stats, strength and attacks skills will be increased automatically in which you will also unlock new combos needed to strike back

Once getting money as bonus rewards, you have to upgrade weapons, customize scrolls and accessories for various booster effects that you can use to strike and defense your ninja

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