What are Combo Codes for Way of the Dogg on iPhone

In way of the dogg game, you are tasked to train AJ with guru Snoop Dogg to be the best fighter in the city and by joining in battles and winning, you will make a progress in the game and watch the following plot scenes that features graffiti style graphics and gangster themed background story.

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As being America Jones, a fighter aiming to seek revenge and bring peace to his city, you will fight your way through 14 levels
Each level in this game is a fresh fight against a different character in a new location defined by a Snoop Dogg track.

During playing in every level, it will be a superbly choreographed beat-matched fight, set to Snoop’s music, including ‘Who am I?’, ‘Gz and Hustlas’ and ’10 Lil Crips’ etc.

When a fight begins, lines of buttons will show on the screen so that the basic gestures you need to perform are tap, drag and swipe the screen.
Tap on the button when seeing halo reaches the edge of a button or marker approaches the button.
Drag your finger between both buttons when seeing a hold button appears.
Swipe through a string of buttons when seeing the arrows.

Thus, you have to perform all the controls in the right time and you can fill the hit meter and launch an attack at the right spot.
Try doing all those moves perfectly, so that you will be more fierce to deliver attack to the opponent in any track.

Once making progress, things are mixed up to be more challenging in that you will need to perform several controls simultaneously.
Quick reflexes, as well as a sense of rhythm are the key to play the game whereby you do not get to control your character to make the actual move.

Afterward, the QTEs will be so challenging that you will not even spare a glance to enjoy the fighting scenes in which the game may just be a way to give expression to Snoop Dogg’s gangster themed music, and to listen to some of Snoop Dogg’s best selling songs.

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