Combos Health Cheats Ark of Sinners Advance iPhone

In ark of sinners advance game, you can make some combos of your sword to beat enemies
Here, you play as Celia, a girl of a sword master who finds herself lost in the mysterious Ark City while exploring the many districts and locales in hopes of finding Nemo and also attempting to regain your memory and find out how the hell you wound up here.

arc of sinners advance review

There are multiple paths you can take through it, all of them teaming with various types of monsters to fight and traps to avoid.

Sword attacks are mapped to two artificial buttons in the use of light attack or heavy attack formation.
Pressing a jump button many time will make some strategy to the proceedings particularly when you unlock the flying kick attack.
Too often you will slice in any direction or hit a button several times will lead you in having aerial combos.
So control Celia’s multiples combos and special attacks to countless combat movements.

You will encounter type of 14 enemies and 7 different bosses during your journey of finding your friend.
You will have clues from hidden collectible monoliths that recount the rise and fall of the city and sporadic appearances from what can best be described as a robot clown.

Moreover waves of undead, skeleton ghosts and zombie dogs are everywhere, so that you have to use your skills and abilities to defeat the monsters who wish to destroy you in the battlefield.

You get two action buttons and a jump button on the right of the screen.
Tap left or right button to move
Tap left or right to dodge
Tap weapon button to deliver an attack to enemies

Note that the enemies are fast, and your attack recovery time is slow, so combat can be quite a chore at times.

Once having more fights, you will unlock combo moves and increase skills which will help you on your way to level up next.

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