How to Complete Missions in Lords and Knights iPhone

In lords and knights game, all you will do is to join other lords or ally with other players to win battles against thousands of players and to control the country.

Lords and Knights Cheats

Here, you must build carefully crafted castles across a great and glorious empire and construct a number of different buildings within your glorious castle

Recruit a powerful army to fight against other lords
Conquer other castles and expand your empire

Stockpile and trade important resources to strengthen to your empire
Develop strategies for capturing and defending castles
Explore new technologies and accomplish every mission

In Castle Festival Mission, you have to organize a festival in the castle and invite all your subjects so that all the people inside the castle will respect you and work more productively as well.

In Chase Bandits Away, bandits will have settled in your forests so try to find and apprehend them by sending out a unit of troops.
In Chop Wood Mission, you must get special assignment to chop wood and soldiers to help your lumberjacks cut down wood in the surrounding forest.

In Collect Taxes Mission, you are tasked to collect the taxes from some villages
Here, you have to send out a unit of troops to some villages that have not paid their taxes and are hoarding resources.

In Feed Miners Mission, the mines is hard and exhausting so an extra ration for your miners will be needed.
Just send a cook and some helpers to take them roast venison, ham and cheese.
Besides some soldiers will accompany and protect the assignment.

In Help Stone Cutters Mission, your soldiers will help your quarry workers break up a particularly large boulder from the mountain.
In Hire Stone Cutters Mission, you can produce additional stone
At this mission, you must hire some itinerant stone cutters services for a day as they are offering their services to you.

In Hunting Mission Strategy, just go hunting with your followers through your estates so that they will be grateful by giving gifts.
In Jousting Mission Steps, you must try to organize a jousting tournament in the castle so that barons and princes will pay homage and send you gifts.

In Market Day Mission Help, just try to invite princes, barons and squires from the surrounding towns and villages to attend a big market day.
And make sure they have to pay a fee to take part in that big market day

In Overtime Ore Mission Instructions, you can try to apply an extra shift in the ore mine as the miners have to work an hour longer today.
To complete Overtime Stone Mission, you must add an extra shift in the quarry as the quarry workers have to work an hour longer today.

Then, to complete Overtime Wood Mission, you can try to apply an extra shift in the lumberjack hut as the lumberjacks have to work an hour longer today.

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