How to Complete S Class Stages in Swing Shot World iPhone

In order to accomplish stage level in swing shot game, you can apply these steps
Each Animal here has its own ability and characteristics as you swing them

Swing Shot World Cheats

It will be better to aim on the main branch to get a perfect hit
You can try to use Bananas to get more Animals
Try to aim with the Main Branch to get a perfect score

Get more Animals to fight with you
Login and get the Free items

You can attack your opponents head on and force your opponents to lose their grip
Snap the beams your opponents hang from

Try to attack the ropes to see the entire structure come tumbling down.
Try to get strike a power-up in the middle of the field to have different effects, from scattered shots to a fiery version of your weapon.

Try to line up shots with an actual line showing where your projectile will soar; and a “Crazy” version, in which all shots are one-hit kills.
Just clobber an enemy right on the head, making them fall, while other times they just swing around in circles and try to purchase animals to continue playing multiplayer kind of spoils that mode to a degree when planning to play a lot of it in a short time span.

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