Dracon Gems Coins Cheats Conquest Age for iPhone

When playing conquest age game, you will pick your character first then go for an adventure while collecting coin cash then start leveling up and unlocking new proficiencies in the next stunts.

conquest age tips

The game system plays out in real time and uses a stamina bar to determine which moves you can make with three options namely Evade, Block, and Attack.

Attacking the enemy will consume four notches of the stamina bar in which when the enemy is about to strike, you can either block or evade.
Just hold the block button to block incoming attacks while taking a portion of the damage.
To evade, tap the proper button as the exclamation point appears in that you can dodge the attack as well and it will give you a chance at a free counterattack.

Once dealing or taking enough damage, your fury meter will fill.
So after it is flashing, you can tap on it and get a list of special attacks and these attacks have a variety of abilities, as well as doing more damage to win the combat.

Completing each battle will give you an access to move on to the next.
Also, when you conquer an area, you can go back and explore it, using the green energy meter in which it also lets you gain coins, equipment, and valuable items.

After going through some battles, you will gain experience and levels that you can use skill points to upgrade you heroes costs.
When upgrading proficiencies in the Ancients menu, certain abilities can only be unlocked when others reach specific levels.

Moreover, taking part in The Dragon Wheel will give you a free daily chance to win rare prizes in that you can play more by using Dragon Gems, an in-game currency.

During in the battlefield, your options are attack, block, dodge, or use a special skill — and because the in-battle energy system limits how proactive you can be about taking the fight to your opponent.

And after a few initial strikes deplete your energy, in which each is generally reduced to waiting around for your enemy to attack so that you can dodge and then hopefully counter the strike.

The Army Barracks is your friends list whereby as you invite more friends, your army will get stronger.
Furthermore, when having been a War Conquest, you can call in support to help boost progress.

In The Forge, you can create weapons using Dragon Gems that you can either sell these weapons or use them.
On the other side, the Armory will allow you to equip armor, weapons, and items.
Alongside, as you level up, you can equip more pieces of armor and unlock dual weapon mastery.

In order to get a boost in the Arena, you have to find new War Machine parts when exploring conquered areas and you can equip them in the War Machine menu.

In addition, you can try exploring for more loot, head back to Tri City to upgrade your warrior’s skills and weapons
Besides, you can go to the PvP arena to take on other players for an added challenge and rewards.

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