Gold Coins Diamonds Cheats Contra Evolution in iPhone

In contra evolution game, you must try getting golden eagles medals and gems through mission mode
Here, you will merely choose between the Arcade and Mission mode to play this game

contra evolution tips

Later on, you must try to survive as long as possible by going through run, jump, and blast your way through several levels of side-scrolling and pick up weapon upgrades.

In arcade mode you will be allowed to play through different locations till you are out of lives.
Once making a good progress through the game, characters and levels can be unlocked by getting achievements within certain game modes and by earning experience.

On the other side, you can test your skills and collect Eagle badges in the new Mission Mode, which lets you practice on individual levels.
With a choice of the classic style, or the new piecemeal style in mission mode, you can play a single level trying to go for a three star score, and you can jump around between the levels.

Moreover, you will be guided by a tutorial with eight different stages to play on at different difficulty levels.
Once having successfully through each stage, you will level up so that you can unlock next stage while earning exp points after fighting in a stage that makes your level to push up.

In this mode, you will be able to earn gold and diamonds after completing a fight so that you can use those currencies to purchase bullets and some items

With those currencies, you can also get more lives to revive your hero then keep the last bullet type and launch a V Bomb while trying to earn golden eagles as well.
Just touch the V bomb to activate a nuclear attack and become invincible for a few seconds.

Furthermore try to accomplish Arcade mode to unlock Ricci then collect 55 gold eagle badges in Mission mode to unlock Sally.
In addition, you can go through levels on easy, medium and hard difficulties to earn Eagle Medals, partly to unlock one of two new female characters with unique specializations that amount to double guns for Ricci Erica and shurikens for Sally Inohara.
You can also get rewards for logging into the game daily.

In the beginning of the game, you will have five lives to help you make it through a given level then navigate linearly through the map and destroy the enemy artillery at the finale of each level, called stages.

At the end of each stage, you will get some points for the amount of enemies and obstacles that are destroyed and how quickly the stage was beaten.
And by having those points, you will be able to earn gold and experience, along with eagle medals that will be 3 per stage.
With this gold, you can purchase weapon upgrades and revives while having experiences will be extremely needed to unlock other stages and characters.

So you will have to go through racing against time, destroying the enemy artillery, shooting power ups from the sky to be collected, unlocking new levels and characters, and taking on challenges in this arcade blast from the past.

When playing this game in the first time, you will be introduced with four characters including the original Schwarzenegger-style clones, Bill Rizer or Mad Dog, Lance Bean or Scorpion, that you can choose from the start
Then two female newcomers like Ricci Erica or Flame Rose, a double-gun blasting machine who will be available after completing the Arcade Mode while Sally Inohara or Moonshadow who will require grinding through Mission Mode and amassing 55 Gold eagle badges.
And, those female Contra soldiers have completely different combat methods.

In doing your actions, you will be helped with virtual controls stick options namely static, free-flowing, and left-right arrows.
Tap the bottom left area to control your character’s movements and tap the right bottom area to jump and shoot.

See also the badge icon to check the number of lives remaining.
Remember when losing life, you will lose the special bullets currently in use so get them back immediately.

You will be also allowed to switch off automatic shooting or set auto-fire of your weapon in the Options menu that will help you struggle when juggling through the many onscreen virtual buttons.

When battling with bosses, use different kinds of bullets with a unique attack pattern of each while trying to collect a super bullet.
You have to upgrade Super bullets in order to beat powerful bosses.

Note that you will only have one default slot for bullets in that you can also tap the random bullet icon to receive bullet support with some coins you have.

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