Cookies to Unlock Rugby Player, Michael Boom Jughead in Crossy Road iPhone

Crossy Road has secret characters in the newest update
Those secret characters are Michael Boom, Jughead, and the Rugby Player.

Crossy Road secrets character unlock ios android

Michael Boom is the first and simple secret character to get at ease as this is a conspicuous spoof of Michael Bay.

All that you need to do with a specific end goal to unlock Michael Boom is first and foremost, pick any character.
At that point, check the boulevards for a rocket truck.

It would appear that a green enormous apparatus/lorry with a huge rocket on the back of it.
At that point, keep running into it and it will explode gloriously.

Presently when you play as Michael Boom you will see arbitrary blasts and planes all over.
Jughead is the second character from the Archie funnies to make it into the game.

The principal, Archie, is unlockable the ordinary way.
To begin with, unlock Archie, then play as him.

When you do this, you’ll see treats begin to show up around the screen.
Gather treats, and afterward in the end, after you gather enough of them, you’ll unlock Jughead.

It is at present obscure precisely what number of treats you require.
At long last, to unlock the Rugby Player, in the first place, unlock the Squirrel.

At that point play and begin glancing around for a tree with a little white square in it like a Rugby ball.

Approach the tree and the ball will be dispatched of it.
At that point you will unlock the Rugby Player after you bite the dust on the stage.

There are different speculations in the matter of what precisely you need to do to make the ball show up.

Case in point, some say you need to gather four Acorns to begin with, yet features have disproven this.
Some say you need to play twice and get scores inside of 10 of one another every time.

Be that as it may, its in all likelihood totally arbitrary for the ball to show up, so simply play again and again so that it will show up in the end of the stage.

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