Diamond Coins Cheats Cooking Fever on iPhone

Cooking Fever is a cooking and time management game where you will be tasked to complete the main goal that is to go through stage after stage, while cooking and preparing all sorts of food items and drink items for your loyal customers
Doing so will earn you money and grow your business ever larger and ever more profitable.

cooking fever guides

At the beginning of the game, the pace is pretty slow, but as you advance forth, it picks up for more.
To solve this, you can place stuff in the food warmer, but when you place something in a bun, it will stay good forever until you serve it.
In line with this, you can use the buns liberally as extra food warmers for the hot dogs and burgers.

In time-challenged, you can try to purchase important upgrades that allow you to cook more food at once and to store more food.
Meanwhile, upgrading the tables and the grills will allow you to cook more and serve more food at once
At the same time, upgrading the food warmers will allow you to store more until a customer comes and eat that food.
Anyway, food warmers are less efficient, as they will add a whole extra step to the serving process.

On the other side, if you are not having any trouble keeping up and angry customers are not a concern, you can start upgrading the food itself
Therefore, you can sell it for higher prices.

When serving consumers, you have to look at the customer’s facial expression, in which it will be easier to see who to serve first during a round of serving.

Here, they go from happy, to concerned, to sad, to angry, before they finally leave.
When seeing their expression like that, yo have to go hurry to serve them in reverse order, from angry to sad to concerned to happy.

In the way of decorating your place, you should load up on interior upgrades.
If you buy more upgrades, your customers will be happier, so that yo will get better tips.

Somethings like tables, barstools and televisions will increase customer waiting time
And, tables and barstools also increase tip time.
Having disco balls will increase the amount tip.
Later on, you will get more upgrades for the Bakery, the Seafood House, Pizzeria, Chinese Restaurant, Indian Diner and Breakfast Cafe as well.

If you get stuck on one stage, simply go back to old stages that you have played then play them again for earning the same amount of coins which you would have earned before.

Alongside, doing this will also earn you more stars
Moreover, you can also gain experience levels as well.

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