Credit Cash Cheats in Contract Killer 2 iPhone

In contract killer 2 game, just complete some missions to get cash and credits that you can use to purchase new weapons or some items needed to your next missions.

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Throw your knives to have melee kills from up to 10 yards away
Throw flashbang grenades in order to stun enemies

Using Reactix will pill slow down time and med kits replenish health
Get the best body armor to help you do the toughest missions.

Just move around while doing the missions and examine the environment for places Jack can move to, designated in orange.
Tap these areas to move towards an exit and or get a better line of sight on a specific enemy.

Try to level up in order to unlock new locations, contracts and cool items.
Just completing contracts faster to collect special time bonuses.
Assault contracts is shown by a skull icon at the top center of the contract description.

Sniper contracts is shown by a crosshairs icon at the top center of the contract description.
Note that melee weapons and armor have limited durability.
So just monitor their durability in the inventory screen.

An on screen message will be displayed if your armor of melee weapon is destroyed.
If your tactical knife, brass knuckles, shocker or garotte melee weapon is destroyed you will switch to the neck breaker attack automatically.

Always stay alert of enemy snipers as they will hunt you with laser designators in lethal accuracy.
Get Rocketeers and Minigunners to immune to throwing knives and flashbangs.
And upgrade your weapons to deal with these units.

Get your weapon equipped with silencers to kill enemies without detection and also improve your critical hit chances.
Always upgrade the primary and backup weapons with scopes to have accuracy and range bonuses.
Always increase ammo capacity in primary and backup weapons with magazine upgrades.

To get free credits on this game, try to increase your rank in the “challenges” menu in order to get free credits.
When going to the Safehouse, go to the Challenges menu and tap it to see your current list of challenges, which will reward you with cash and stars for completing each one of them

Besides you will see how many stars you need to get to the next rank in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

So get all of the stars that you need to fill out the “club card” in order to rank up and to earn 10 free credits.

Just go to the “add” button next to the credits counter and tap it in which it will give you free credits as the first option that pops up will be the “Free Credits” on the upper left hand side.
Now just tap free credits option so that a number of offers will pop up to be completed to get free credits.

Try to log onto the Tapjoy website and search for Contract Killer 2 to locate more free offers in order to have a chance of earning free credits.

Note that the Tapjoy website will consist of apps to download and all you have to do is just install and run the one among them
By doing so you will earn free bonus credits for this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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