Silver Coins Cheats for Crowns Pack in Dragon Storm iPhone

In dragon storm game, you will just create your own worlds, shore up defenses, build attacking forces, then go to conquer the competition when your dragon has been ready for action.

Dragon Storm

You have to wait until your dragon is at Level 5 or higher in order to get into battle.
Note that your kingdom’s power level also contributes to your dragon’s strength.
In this game you have to build barracks to train up troops, construct and expand farms and mines to increase your resource generation as well.

Simply open the appropriate section of the menu to view a list of Alliances that are currently active.
Choose the alliance you like then send a request to the Alliance leader.

By joining alliance you will have the chance to coordinate attacks against enemies, as well as share strategies together in Alliance chat.
Now for further play you have to make sure to watch your friends’ backs as much as they watch yours and keep an eye on your mailbox whenever you send troops into battle because you will receive a battle report once combat is over with information about your victory or defeat.
Have a chat with your alliance by tapping on the scrolling chat window near the top of the screen.

You have to invest in more troops to increase your kingdom’s power level as you will get additional power for every tier of unit you have in play
Therefore if you have more troops you will have greater assaults as well.
Try to upgrade your research projects any higher by leveling up your Wizard’s Tower. You can only research magic up to the same level as your tower.

Always make sure you have plenty of soldiers manning your sentry towers in which if the other players want to attack your kingdom, they will first need to battle the defenses

Try to collect free Crowns by watching promotional videos.
If you need more silver in this game you have to try either attacking other players or completing hundreds of quests.

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